[Samba] Samba4 using existing DNS and LDAP

Olivier Nicole olivier.nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Thu Aug 8 21:36:49 MDT 2013

Thank you Mattieu.

>>>>    What kind of updates does Samba need to
>>>> perform to DNS? The one at the provisioning and the machine name that
>>>> join the domain (this is already taken care of by DHCP). Is there
>>>> anything I oversee?
>> What about this question? What reccords are added in the DNS by Samba,
>> beside all the SRV reccords?
> Well it depends, pretty much anything client asks to update, with bind-dlz
> or the internal DNS server DDNS from the client are controlled by the same
> kind of ACLs as a Windows client would have in a Windows AD domain.
> So most of the time clients update A, AAAA and PTR records but some also set
> SRV records (windows server with terminal server for instance) and well
> maybe exchange is setting up the MX record (I don't know). As long as ACL
> didn't prevent to do so you are able to do it.

Normal clients are not allowed to update A, AAAA or PTR records,
that's the role of DHCP.

As for other services, I am glad I am not running any M$ server.

>> I have seen that, but that was after I posted my question. I think I
>> will resolve to keep both Samba and OL in parallel and update the
>> accounts on bot at same time (it's just a minor change in the existing
>> scripts used to update OL).
> You might want to have a script that is polling samba from time to time to
> see if OL needs update, the dirsync control is designed for that.
> There is a small test/demo script in source4/scripting/devel/demodirsync.py

I was thinking rather the other way round, OL updating AD. My need for
AD is very limited (centralized authentication for VMware ESXi) so I
do not plan in a near future to give up the set-up I have and change
everything for AD.

Best regards,


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