[Samba] Samba4 using existing DNS and LDAP

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Wed Aug 7 01:02:22 MDT 2013

Thank you Matthieu,

> > I have been using Samba3 (and 2) for years, with an openLDAP backend for
> > authentication. This is working fine, my directory includes a number of
> > local settings for my specific needs.
> >
> > Now I would like to move to Samba4.
> >
> > I understand that Samba4 comes with its own DNS and LDAP servers.
> >
> > By provisioning Samba4 with --dns-backend=NONE and including the
> > necessary to my existing DNS zone, is that enough to get rid of the DNS
> > server included with Samba4?
> Well you can use the bind-dlz plugins so that samba use bind instead of 
> its own internal server.
> Another option is to configure your global DNS to use Samba as the 
> source of authority just for the domain of your AD.
> >   What kind of updates does Samba need to
> > perform to DNS? The one at the provisioning and the machine name that
> > join the domain (this is already taken care of by DHCP). Is there
> > anything I oversee?

What about this question? What reccords are added in the DNS by Samba,
beside all the SRV reccords?

> >
> > Now regarding LDAP, is there a way to tell Samba to replicate the
> > directory from my existing openLDAP?
> No.
> Our LDAP Server support schema upgrade so if the stuff that you have in 
> your OL has a schema that is compatible to Samba you can update Samba's 
> schema and then load the data by export/import in Samba.
> Another way of doing is by using overlays in OL to present in the 
> desired way the information coming from both OL and Samba 4.

I have seen that, but that was after I posted my question. I think I
will resolve to keep both Samba and OL in parallel and update the
accounts on bot at same time (it's just a minor change in the existing
scripts used to update OL).

Best regards,


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