[Samba] "database or networkerror" message by access using a backend at a samba share

Krabat krabat at black-mill.de
Wed Apr 24 05:48:14 MDT 2013


since yesterday i'm using ms access mdb files as frontend (started by 
win clients) and linked to mdb backend files located in a
samba share (opensuse 12.3).
But problems: sporadic occurs a "database or network connection" error 
on the client (popup from msaccess)

but the network is still alive and the share/mdbs reachable

the backend mdbs are in use by about 20 users, which client = random, 
which time = random

on the win client: close message, restart frontend and its going well

today: 3 errors at 3 different clients

looks like a timeout problem or ...?

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