[Samba] A bug in smbmount command!!!!!!

钱国正 guozhengqian0825 at 126.com
Tue Apr 2 21:56:05 MDT 2013

Dear Samba Team:

I found a bug in smbmount command. Let me descripe it:

Host: A (Linux).
Host: B (Linux).
Folder a in Host A.
Folder b in Host B.
smbmount //<ip of host A>/A  /home/name/B

I generate file in folder a and then delete it and re-generate a file (Name is similiar unless timestamp, size is the same.) , however, same file in a and same file in a with same name different md5 checksum! the md5 checksum in b is the one deleted in a.

can anyone tell me about the the smbmount sync mechanism? Thanks.


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