[Samba] samba4: get sysvol from windows domain controller

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Mon Apr 29 12:28:02 MDT 2013


I've read the question how to get the sysvol folder from windows server.

Can't find the thread anymore.

Here is my solution:

Put Administrator password to '${PREFIX}/etc/passwd.cfg' and set it to root.root and 0600.

Put the name of the Windows domain controller to ,${PREFIX}/etc/master.cfg'






  DOMAIN="$(${PREFIX}/bin/samba-tool domain info 2>/dev/null|grep -i "Netbios domain")"

  DOMAIN="${DOMAIN##*: }"


  PASS="$(cat ${PREFIX}/etc/passwd.cfg)"

  SRV="$(cat ${PREFIX}/etc/master.cfg)"

  if [ "${DOMAIN}" = "" ] ; then

    /usr/bin/logger -i -t nisx "samba get sysvol error: DOMAIN not set!"

    exit 10


  if [ "${PASS}" = "" ] ; then

    /usr/bin/logger -i -t nisx "samba get sysvol error: PASSWORD not set! Check '${PREFIX}/etc/passwd.cfg'"

    exit 10


  if [ "${SRV}" = "" ] ; then

    /usr/bin/logger -i -t nisx "samba get sysvol error: MASTER SERVER not set! Check '${PREFIX}/etc/master.cfg'"

    exit 10


  cd "${PREFIX}/var/locks/sysvol"

  rm -rf *

  "${PREFIX}/bin/smbclient" --user=${USR}%${PASS} --workgroup=${DOMAIN} //${SRV}/sysvol "" -c "prompt off ; recurse ; mget *"


  "${PREFIX}/bin/samba-tool" ntacl sysvolreset

  /usr/bin/logger -i -t nisx "samba get sysvol from \\\\${DOMAIN}\\${SRV}"

) 2>&1 >/dev/null


Now this script can be run via cron outsite the main working time.

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