[Samba] ktpass.sh error / How to generate a keytab for a new service (apache) with SAMBA4?

Tim Vangehugten timvangehugten at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 10:52:32 MDT 2013


I was trying to get a new keytab in samba4 for my apache service. So I
tried the following command:

sh ktpass.sh --out /etc/apache.keytab --princ
HTTP/myhost.samba.my.domain at SAMBA.MY.DOMAIN --pass VerySecure123 --enc

I get the following error: Unable to find kvno for principal
HTTP/myhost.samba.my.domain at SAMBA.MY.DOMAIN

Am I doing something wron or shouldn't I be using ktpass.sh?

Best Regards
Tim Vangehugten

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