[Samba] samba4 rfc2307 practice and confuse

Eric PEYREMORTE eric.peyremorte at iut-valence.fr
Mon Apr 29 08:26:20 MDT 2013


I thought that we should avoid using nscd with winbind ? Has it changed 
with samba4 ?
I'm still wondering which has the best performance for a file server 
between winbind, sssd and nslcd..


 From :

/Do not under any circumstances run //|nscd|//on any system on which 
//|winbindd|//is running. //
//If //|nscd|//is running on the UNIX/Linux system, then even though 
NSSWITCH is correctly configured, it will not be possible to resolve 
domain users and groups for file and directory controls. /

Le 16/04/2013 15:34, Björn JACKE a écrit :
> On 2013-04-15 at 20:51 +0200 Gémes Géza sent off:
>> 1. Caching (lot better than nscd)
> actually I recommend running nscd when you have winbind running because nscd
> caches it's stuff more efficient and it can prevent winbind to go crazy if
> you have a lot of nsswitch operations like when you run rsync for example.
> Cheers
> Björn


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