[Samba] libnss_winbind.so spawning many smbd processes

Joe Rhodes lists at joerhodes.com
Sun Apr 28 23:10:43 MDT 2013

I've currently got a samba 4.0.6-GIT-3f8ea16 deployment that's spawning many  (250 or more) smbd processes whenever a backup runs and starts backing up files that have samba ACL's attached to them.  (Such as the 'sysvol' volume)  This will effectively lock up the machine until I've restarted samba and killed the backup job.  If the backup is still running, samba will immediately spawn smbd processes again.

My machine is a 64-bit CentOS 6.4 server with 16 GB of RAM and an Intel 8-core Xeon processor.  Kernel is the stock CentOS 2.6.32-358.2.1.el6.x86_64.  The Samba part of this runs fine from the Windows perspective (that is, until the backup system kicks in).  

I setup my samba4 server per the instructions on the samba wiki.  Specifically, I followed the winbind setup instructions from here:


In a nutshell, I had to create these sym-links:

ln -s /usr/local/samba/lib/libnss_winbind.so.2 /lib64/libnss_winbind.so
ln -s /lib64/libnss_winbind.so /lib64/libnss_winbind.so.2

and edit my nsswitch.conf file as follows:

passwd:     files winbind
shadow:     files 
group:      files winbind

All of the suggested testing on that page works great.

After a fresh samba restart, without anything running,  things look like this:

[root at server ~]# ps ax | grep samba
 21420 ?        Ss     0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21422 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21423 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21424 ?        Ss     0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbd --option=server role check:inhibit=yes --foreground
 21425 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21426 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21427 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21428 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21429 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21430 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21431 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21432 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21433 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21434 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21435 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba
 21438 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbd --option=server role check:inhibit=yes --foreground

[root at server ~]# ps ax | grep samba | wc -l

When a backup job kicks in, I'll see hundreds of lines similar to :

 22026 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbd --option=server role check:inhibit=yes --foreground
 22043 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbd --option=server role check:inhibit=yes --foreground
 22044 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbd --option=server role check:inhibit=yes --foreground

and I have the approximate number of samba processes:

[root at server ~]# ps ax | grep samba | wc -l

smbstatus will look like this, but with many more lines:

[root at server ~]# smbstatus

Samba version 4.0.6-GIT-3f8ea16
PID     Username      Group         Machine                        
21809     KAUKAUNA\SERVER$  KAUKAUNA\Domain Controllers (ipv4:
21796     KAUKAUNA\SERVER$  KAUKAUNA\Domain Controllers (ipv4:
21771     KAUKAUNA\SERVER$  KAUKAUNA\Domain Controllers (ipv4:

If I engage Name Service Cache Daemon (nscd), then the backup will run just fine, and I don't sen to get an extraordinary number of samba processes.  (It will bump up to about 27, but stays there.) Unfortunately, nscd doesn't' seem to play well with Samba4's internal winbind system.  The "id <username>" command will only return results for some of the users.  And Apache PAM authentication stops working with unusual errors.  (Both of which work fine when nscd isn't running.)

I've been looking at setting up SSSD, but I get the feeling that's not quite what I'm looking for either.  I get the impression that it does it's own ID mapping, which would probably differ from the internal winbind's mapping.  Please correct me if I'm wrong on this.

If I turn off the libnss_winbind part, there seem to be some other issues that crop up, such as users unable to log into their own home folders.  

It seems that I need to either:

1.)  Figure out how to make the internal winbind server behave when doing lots of libnss_winbind look-ups
2.)  Figure out how to take the load off winbind by using nscd and figure out how to make that work reliably with other things (like id <username> or apache mod_auth_pam)
3.)  Perhaps figure out sssd (which I haven't gotten to work yet, but haven't spent a ton of time on.)

If anyone has some suggestions or pointers, I'd be eternally grateful.  


My smb.conf:

# Global parameters
        workgroup = KAUKAUNA
        realm = KAUKAUNA.NEWSPUB
        netbios name = SERVER
        server role = active directory domain controller
        server services = s3fs, rpc, nbt, wrepl, ldap, cldap, kdc, winbind, drepl, ntp_signd, kcc, dnsupdate, dns
        log level = 1
        #idmap config * : range = 16777216-33554431
        #idmap config * : backend = ad
        hide unreadable = yes
        allow dns updates = enabled
        dns forwarder =
        nsupdate command = /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba_dnsupdate
        map archive = no
        map readonly = no
        map hidden = no
        map system = no
        store dos attributes = yes
        winbind enum users  = yes
        winbind enum groups = yes

        path = /home/samba/sysvol/kaukauna.newspub/scripts
        read only = No
        browseable = No

        path = /home/samba/sysvol
        read only = No
        browseable = No

        path = /home/KAUKAUNA/%S
        browsable = no
        writeable = yes
        valid users = %S
        create mask = 0600
        directory mask = 0700
        root preexec = /usr/local/sbin/mkhomedir.sh %U
        kernel oplocks = no
        level2 oplocks = yes

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