[Samba] Basic question

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Thu Apr 25 09:59:19 MDT 2013

Hello Jan,

Am 25.04.2013 07:02, schrieb Jan Dušátko:
> I looking for help in this situation. I would like to configure system,
> allowing administrator configure rights and inherence using explorer
> "Security tab", where more than User, Group and "Everyone" can be setup (the
> best, two or more group, eventually more users). Regulary rights come from
> the unix filesystem security, this mean User:Group:Rest of universe, but is
> there any way how I can configure it and store extra attributes somewhere?
> FreeNAS(Samba) configured on user-level security, only flat local database
> (no LDAP, ADS). Share definition consist stackable VFS module for zfsacl,
> recycle-bin and acl_xattr.

Samba 4 supports Windows ACLs. For that, your filesystem must support 
extended attributes. Samba then put the additional ACLs and 
Accounts/Groups into extended ACLs.


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