[Samba] Changing group name via samba-tool and other

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Wed Apr 24 14:01:16 MDT 2013


Am 24.04.2013 21:01, schrieb Александр Свиридов:
> But I am shocked. I know samba is free and it means a lot,
 > but CRUD operations are always together. I am a programmer
 > myself and I know what I say. How can it be possible?

As every software, there's no version that is totally fitting all needs 
from everybody. samba-tool, like everything else on that project is 
growing and getting better with every version.

I'm sure, that samba-tool will provide more features in future versions.

But if you are a programmer and familiar with python, you can help 
adding new features to samba-tool. On the samba-technical mailing list 
you can ask for some first information to start, if you want to help.

 > Can samba 4 be used in production mode?

For me: Absolutely. I migrated our domain at work to samba 4, when it 
was in beta state (150 users, 230 workstations). And it's running 
perfect stable and I'm very happy with my samba4 backend.

But as everything in production, you should of course validate if the 
software is fitting your needs at your site.

> And one more question. In samba 3 we used create mask , force create..
 > to set file permisions. In samba 4 as I understand those options are
 > ignored and default acls are used instead. But, is it possible to set
 > by default different permisions on files and folders. For example
 > on folders rwx, and on files rw-. Because I dont want to give x
 > permision to file as I think it can be dangerous.

I currently don't have samba4 servers with 'create mask', etc. (only on 
3.6.x servers) and haven't looked at that yet. Have you tried it with 4.x?


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