[Samba] Changing group name via samba-tool and other

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Wed Apr 24 11:01:26 MDT 2013


Am 24.04.2013 11:45, schrieb Александр Свиридов:
>   1) Plesea, tell me knows how to change group name in  samba 4.

Renaming isn't implemented yet.

> 2) One question makes me crazy. Samba 4 is AD. It can be
 > run on linux! WOW! The only thing I cannt understant is why
> I must use windows machine to configure AD. For example I have
> ubuntu machine and many my colleagues do.So I must configure AD.
 > How can I do it from ubuntu? Or maybe I don't understand something?

The development of samba 4 took a long time and many things had to be 
done. And a higher focus was put on the backend and that it is 
manageable with the tools from windows. samba-tool already bring a lot 
of features. But there are also many things that are currently not 

Just a suggestion as workaround:
Setup a VM or on an unused old PC an WinXP/7, install the management 
tools there and connect to the machine via RDP, if you must use ADUC, etc.


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