[Samba] Winbind and User Private Groups

Jacob Seeley jseeley at vertitechit.com
Fri Apr 19 13:54:49 MDT 2013


I'm doing R&D on using Winbind to authenticate Active Directory users (W2K3S R2) on RHEL 6 servers. I have a working implementation of this using idmap_rid as the backend. I followed 'configuration 1' in the following guide:


My question revolves around 'User Private Groups'. I noticed my AD users UID's do not have matching GID's. I came across the following:


This seems to indicate I cannot implement UPG because Windows will not allow user and groups of the same name.

>From an administrative point of view, how do I handle this? Should I be concerned about this? How will a non UPG setup be different for us Linux users who are accustomed to having private groups? Essentially, I'm trying to avoid any unforeseen pitfalls as a result of not having UPGs.

Thank you,

Jacob Seeley

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