[Samba] How to work with GPO

Dmitry Romashkin dmitriy.romashkin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 08:46:31 MDT 2013


I have some questions about how Samba4 internals works with Group Policy
Objects. Could someone please clarify them?

1) Can I create GPO through samba-tool for Windows without using RSAT?
In samba-tool gpo --help there is  "-c <file>" option. What is this config
file for?

2) Seems like RSAT not using libgpo.so, which is builded from source3 and
source4. Does this mean that libgpo.so is in developing state or beeing
refactoring, or migrating from samba3 to samba4?

3) Should I mean that for Linux there is no GPO in general?

4) samba-tool is using gpo.py. gpo.py using policy.so (2 functions from 3).
policy.so using libsamba-policy.so (33 functions). Those 33 functions
represent kind of API. Does Samba team plan to use those functions inside
of Samba server?

5) Where utility oLschema2ldif is using directly in Samba?

It would be nice if someone could clarify those moments.

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