[Samba] user both missing and present

Geoff Crompton geoffc at trinity.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Apr 18 01:27:24 MDT 2013

On 17/04/13 13:46, Geoff Crompton wrote:
> I'm trying the classicupgrade, and it is crashing out:
> I've found that the user -42545 does not exist in my samba3 as a user,
> but somehow does exist as a member of the -1231 group.
> I'm using the ldapsam passdb backend, and I don't understand how this
> situation has occurred. In my LDAP directory the -42545 user looks just
> like some of my other users (who don't trigger this problem).
> What should I do next?

I found that my ldap server was limiting the number of objects returned 
to searches. The script didn't get details for the -42545 user when 
asking about all users, which explains my problem.

  Once I set that to 'unlimited' I got past this problem. I've made a 
note on 
for other people to watch out for that.

I wonder if the C library code behind the call to "s3db.search_users(0) 
in the upgrade_from_samba3() method of python/samba/upgrade.py should 
handle an LDAP server telling it the error condition that it's search 
has been limited (and then the python adaption could throw that up as an 

I've created bug 9808 ( https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9808 
) along those lines.


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