[Samba] Changing server IP related questions

Stephanie Sullivan samba at aviaweb.com
Thu Apr 11 14:43:33 MDT 2013

I have samba4 as a AD DC which I built on a private subnet. I need to move
it to the subnet where it will operate at a new IP address. The DC is using
the internal DNS.


I tried to find a way to dump the zones for the domain so I can see all the
records, but samba-tool dns query true zone xfer kind of function so you can
get all the information for all the records that are in the zone. I don't
want to miss changing an IP address in the zone for the DC because I missed
one trying to manually walk the zone.


Is there a ldb file where the zone is actually stored that can more readily
be viewed and edited with ldbedit?


A  list of the DNS records I'll need to edit besides the server's A record
would be great. 


Is there anything else I'll need to edit in the active directory or other




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