[Samba] Internal LDAP explanation

Eric PEYREMORTE eric.peyremorte at iut-valence.fr
Thu Apr 11 11:22:49 MDT 2013

Hi there !

I've read many documentation today but i can't understand samba 4 
internal ldap server.

I'm currently using samba3 with openldap backend.

I'm considering using samba4 as my new domain controller in ADS mode.

I have few questions :
- Can i connect to the new ldap server from a remote machine ( 
ldapsearch on port 389 ) ? If no why ?
- So, can i connect pam for linux users to this internal ldap, and can i 
still continue to use this ldap server for both windows / linux auth ?
- Shall i use ldapsam:tdb://something ?
- Can we have posix attributes like userPassword in there ?
- I've read that we do not need to have linux user account for samba 
user account : it's not mandatory isn't it ?

I sorry, i've read all i can but can find a clear explanation on that...

/Technicien informatique - IUT de Valence/

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