[Samba] Pruning embedded samba 3.6 installation

Paul D. DeRocco pderocco at ix.netcom.com
Wed Apr 10 23:18:01 MDT 2013

I'm using the Yocto Project to build an embedded distro, to which I'm adding
Samba 3.6 from OpenEmbedded. Doing so increases my root file system from
about 63MB to 175MB. I seem to be building a large Samba server with a small
ancillary operating system tacked onto it.

I listed the files in my file system image, and see that lots of the
commands are quite large. I understand that Samba 4 is better behaved in
this way, but writing my own bitbake recipe to include such a large complex
system is waaay beyond me, so I have to wait until someone else does it. I
can, however, figure out how to prune various unneeded files from the image
to make it smaller.

But what's unneeded? I'd like to know what commands will NEVER be used if I
don't explicitly invoke them myself. That is, commands that aren't invoked
from init scripts, or by smbd and nmbd, or by other commands. (And what
shared libraries won't be used, although they're typically a lot smaller.)
I'm running a simple standalone server with a single file share using share
level security, and one password for anonymous access. It assumes a remote
DHCP server, and needs to appear on Windows systems under a particular name,
and be browsable. I don't need a client, it won't be part of a domain, it
won't be a WINS server, and so on. Its configuration will never change,
other than possibly the machine name, the workgroup name, and the single
password used to access the share.

These are most of the files, and their sizes. I'm not sure all of these are
really part of Samba, but they all got added as a result of adding the OE
Samba package. They add up to about 83MB, and if I could cut that in half,
that would be a big win. Any guidance as to what I could prune would be
greatly appreciated.

1800096 usr/bin/eventlogadm
   4607 usr/bin/findsmb
8351180 usr/bin/net
1526820 usr/bin/nmblookup
1826880 usr/bin/pdbedit
1465348 usr/bin/profiles
7457348 usr/bin/rpcclient
1440772 usr/bin/sharesec
5946532 usr/bin/smbcacls
5979364 usr/bin/smbclient
1465604 usr/bin/smbcontrol
5942436 usr/bin/smbcquotas
6200476 usr/bin/smbget
5966980 usr/bin/smbpasswd
3284036 usr/bin/smbspool
1514500 usr/bin/smbstatus
   4910 usr/bin/smbtar
1440736 usr/bin/smbta-util
5872800 usr/bin/smbtree
  30216 usr/bin/tdbbackup
  26064 usr/bin/tdbdump
  30180 usr/bin/tdbrestore
  34600 usr/bin/tdbtool
1444868 usr/bin/testparm
 166092 usr/bin/udevadm
   1024 usr/lib/auth
   9476 usr/lib/auth/script.so
   1024 usr/lib/charset
   5356 usr/lib/charset/CP437.so
   5356 usr/lib/charset/CP850.so
     15 usr/lib/libtdb.so.1
  87516 usr/lib/libtdb.so.1.2.9
  62908 usr/lib/libwbclient.so.0
 131072 usr/lib/lowcase.dat
 131072 usr/lib/upcase.dat
  65536 usr/lib/valid.dat
   1024 usr/lib/vfs
  30704 usr/lib/vfs/acl_tdb.so
  26612 usr/lib/vfs/acl_xattr.so
  18256 usr/lib/vfs/aio_fork.so
  10052 usr/lib/vfs/audit.so
  18316 usr/lib/vfs/cap.so
  18320 usr/lib/vfs/catia.so
   5908 usr/lib/vfs/crossrename.so
   5848 usr/lib/vfs/default_quota.so
  10000 usr/lib/vfs/dirsort.so
  10004 usr/lib/vfs/expand_msdfs.so
  14184 usr/lib/vfs/extd_audit.so
   5844 usr/lib/vfs/fake_perms.so
  47432 usr/lib/vfs/full_audit.so
   9976 usr/lib/vfs/linux_xfs_sgid.so
  14160 usr/lib/vfs/netatalk.so
  10064 usr/lib/vfs/preopen.so
   9972 usr/lib/vfs/readahead.so
  18244 usr/lib/vfs/readonly.so
  22384 usr/lib/vfs/recycle.so
  26516 usr/lib/vfs/scannedonly.so
  30676 usr/lib/vfs/shadow_copy2.so
  10004 usr/lib/vfs/shadow_copy.so
  22460 usr/lib/vfs/smb_traffic_analyzer.so
  18296 usr/lib/vfs/streams_depot.so
  22424 usr/lib/vfs/streams_xattr.so
  10032 usr/lib/vfs/syncops.so
  43188 usr/lib/vfs/time_audit.so
  22388 usr/lib/vfs/xattr_tdb.so
   7288 usr/sbin/genl-ctrl-list
  10668 usr/sbin/nl-class-add
   9428 usr/sbin/nl-class-delete
   7376 usr/sbin/nl-classid-lookup
   8824 usr/sbin/nl-class-list
  10596 usr/sbin/nl-cls-add
   9920 usr/sbin/nl-cls-delete
   9516 usr/sbin/nl-cls-list
   8760 usr/sbin/nl-link-list
   8628 usr/sbin/nl-pktloc-lookup
   9972 usr/sbin/nl-qdisc-add
   9572 usr/sbin/nl-qdisc-delete
  10028 usr/sbin/nl-qdisc-list
3488896 usr/sbin/nmbd
9822288 usr/sbin/smbd


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco
Paul                mailto:pderocco at ix.netcom.com 

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