[Samba] SaMBa and Active Directory Functional Level

F. David del Campo Hill delcampo at stats.ox.ac.uk
Tue Apr 9 07:08:57 MDT 2013

Hi all,

	We have an Active Directory domain with two Windows Server 2008 R2
domain controllers, but our domain functional level is still "Windows Server
2003". We would like to raise the functional level to "Windows Server 2008
R2", but due to the age of some of our SaMBa installations, I would like to
know which is the earliest version of SaMBa which supported Active Directory
at the "Windows Server 2008 R2" functional level.
	Raising the functional level is irreversible, and one of the SaMBa
installations is on a SUN (now Oracle) server running a version of SaMBa
(3.6.8) which is unlikely to be upgraded anytime soon; so if it turns out to
be incompatible, we will be in deep trouble.

	Thank you for your help.


		David del Campo

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