[Samba] Need Methods Around Anonymous LDAP Binding for User Auth

Khanh N. knshield-samba at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 1 21:01:12 MDT 2013


I've been search for almost a week, and I think I'm at a dead end without a 

Initially, I wanted to setup a Centos Samba server for Windows users of our 
company lab, and use our company's AD/LDAP for log-in without creating an 
account for them.  It's all for just to simplify the user's log-in.

>From what I've found so far, is that Samba does not support anonymous binding to 
an LDAP server.  My LDAP configuration on Centos works, as I can search and SSH 
in using the company's AD/LDAP server.  All this is done I'm sure with anonymous 

Is there another method to achieve what I wanted with Samba?  Is there a way or 
tool that will copy the password from LDAP (after the user is instructed to SSH 
in to the Samba server initially) to the system password file, and have Samba 
synchronize with that?

I'm out of steam and loosing hope.  Will probably have to ask users to bear with 
another of many accounts used inside the company.


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