[Samba] Samba on Windows?

fromsamba.bitbucketml at spamgourmet.com fromsamba.bitbucketml at spamgourmet.com
Mon Apr 1 14:18:47 MDT 2013

When trying to copy files to/from a Windows file server from/to another 
Windows machine, at times the Windows Explorer application will just 
hang.  This could be due the server being less than responsive, or some 
other reason.  It ends up being really annoying as Explorer just stops 
responding due to, presumably, being stuck waiting for a response from 
the remote server.  There are times when just clicking a file will then 
cause Explorer to hang, as though its requesting info for the file and 
not getting a response.

Every time I run into this, I think, why wouldn't this all be threaded?  
Why would a background thread do all the network communications 
asynchronously so that the UI didn't freeze up like this?  Then I think, 
why not just write a simple CIFS/SMB client which is asynchronous and 
which doesn't hang due to the remote server not responding.  Also, 
something that doesn't send any unnecessary requests.  i.e., give me the 
list of files, let me pick which ones to copy, and copy.  Don't request 
any additional info about  the files (as I think happens when you 
right-click a file).

But why write a CIFS/SMB client, when Samba has already done it?  I know 
Samba is intended for Linux, allowing Linux users to interoperate with 
Windows.  But has anyone ever attempted building/using the Samba code on 
Windows?  Could Samba be used to do the protocol stuff in a Windows 

Seems like there's no reason to re-invent the wheel and dig through the 
MS protocol documentation, if Samba could be re-used for this purpose.  
Does this seem feasible?  Or is this ill-advised? :)

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