[Samba] Slow on one client Win7 program

Huibert van Andel info at opdepc.nl
Mon Sep 24 16:01:34 MDT 2012

Got one program that is running very, very slow on version 3.6.8.
Using SMB2, logging level 3 I saw a lot of these:

[2012/09/24 23:44:43.824970,  3] smbd/smb2_read.c:356(smb2_read_complete)
   smbd_smb2_read: fnum=[8523/filename] length=2 offset=1656 read=2
[2012/09/24 23:44:43.825499,  3] lib/util.c:1498(fcntl_getlock)
   fcntl_getlock: fd 34 is returned info 2 pid 0

Seems the files are read in chunks of 2 bytes a call.
Most of the files the program is reading are a few Mb,
so why is it only reading 2 bytes at a time?

In ver 3.6.7 I made a few tests also, and it does matter what you choose
for locking, e.g.:

         kernel oplocks = no
         oplocks = no
         level2 oplocks = yes

Some tests worked better (e.g. no locks at all), some not, though with 
3.6.8 none provides speed.
Anyway 3.6.7 had other bugs and was unusable.
Other programs seem not to be affected (poss. they don't use smb2?).




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