[Samba] samba4: samba-tool and (unix) uids

Thomas Karmann thomas at krmnn.de
Mon Sep 24 14:52:54 MDT 2012


at my universities CS computer pools we're trying to migrate our
samba3 based NT domain to AD with samba4-rc1. 
In the past we had a little script which our users could run on their
own from their linux account which created a samba user with
their own uid/gid and set their password (via smbpasswd).

We're trying to recreate this behaviour with "samba-tool user create" but we couldn't
find a parameter to set the mapping SID <-> uid. 
Without the correct mapping we can't get the users profile/home permissions right.

Will we have to manually correct the private/idmap.ldb each time we
add a user or are we missing something? Is it save to edit the idmap on
the fly?

With kind regards,

Thomas Karmann                             Department of Computer Science IV
Martensstrasse 1  D-91058 Erlangen Germany  University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

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