[Samba] shadow:snapdir/basedir's are they used?

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Sat Sep 22 12:57:00 MDT 2012

I was looking at a case where I have a 'Documents' dir mounted from my 
It's setup is:
    acl group control = yes
    block size = 4096
    store dos attributes = yes
    map acl inherit = yes
    inherit acls = yes
    comment = Domain User's Home Documents
    path = /home/%D/Documents/%U
    vfs objects = recycle, readahead, shadow_copy2
    recycle: keeptree = true
    shadow:snapdir = /home/.snapdir
    shadow:basedir = /home

I thought, by telling it the base dir (/home -- which is also exported,
BTW and the place where I have snapshots mounted), it would
look for the Doc dir relative to the 'path' from the basedir.

What I see Windows doing is looking for it at the root of the share.

Say I have a 'Documents/Samba',
I'll see (using wireshark) it look for snapshots @ /@GMT-time/Samba..
as though it expects the snapshot dir to be in Documents.

Indeed, I wrote a script to put soft-linked copies of the
snapshot dir in each of the root locations of my exports and
now I see the snapshots -- but before, it would always say
not found.

So what's the shadow snapdir/basedir supposed to do? Do
I have it configured incorrectly for it to work directly
(without me creating the softlinks)?


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