Jun Yi yi.jun.mail at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 00:18:04 MDT 2012


I have 2 questions:
I installed samba-3.6.7, run the following commands
at client:  smbclient -m SMB2 //server/share
at the server side: the smb.conf has "max protocol = SMB2", and I ran smbd
with this smb configuration file using "-s smb.conf"
I also captured some packets. I found the client claims that it can support
SMB1 (neither smb2002 nor smb2???).
then got message "unrecognized protocol dialect", but I check the source
code in negprot.c (not exact) and find "SMB2" is an option (like CORE or
My question is: why smbclient does not recognized "SMB2". Do I miss some
configuration parameters? Could you please tell me? Thanks a lot

I installed both samba master (that may be the newest version, samba-4.1.0)
at client: smbclient4 -m SMB2 //server/share
at server side I use "max protocol = SMB2" as well,
but i got "NT_STATUS_REVISION_MISMATCH" error at the client side.
>From the packets I captured, both the client and the server claims SMB2
capability and they did talked using SMB2, but they still failed during the
protocol/dialect negotiation phase (no session setup yet).
Could anybody tell me how to enable SMB2 for both sides?

I just started to using samba, and I will contribute to this community in
the future.
Thanks a lot and wait for your replies.


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