[Samba] Samba4 new policy templates

Olivier BILHAUT o.bilhaut at fondation-misericorde.fr
Thu Sep 20 07:41:54 MDT 2012

Hi samba4 mates !

We work with a Samba4 in production (10 users) from a few month now, and 
we wonder about the new specific policy templates that can be created by 
Microsoft in their recent (or future releases, but we are not rushed) 
releases. How could we add them to the AD to be able to apply them to 
the hosts?

For example, with windows 7 there is a *new* policy in the Computer 
configuration that was available in previous releases  under the User 
Confriguration :

The XP one (which is available in SMB4 rc1) :
User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Control 
Panel\Printers > Printers : Point and Print Restrictions

The Win 7 one (unavailable in SMB4) :
Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> 
Printers : Point and Print Restrictions

Note that this policy permit some unprivilegied user to download some 
printer drivers without administrative rights.
We use it to deploy printers to user accounts.

Some post talk about updating the ADMX files on the AD, but I would like 
to have your advices first.

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my english faults).


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