[Samba] Windows 7 Clients Slow/Unresponsive with some file types

Robert Adkins II radkins at impelind.com
Tue Sep 18 07:23:40 MDT 2012

I have added the socket options of SO_RCVBUFF=65536 and SO_SNDBUFF=65536 and
while that has greatly increased file transfer speed, it's instantaneous to
transmit an 11mb file from the server to a Windows 7 desktop, there has been
no increase in performance for opening up that particular file from the

Additionally, I should add that we also have other binary file types that
can be equally or significantly larger than the IGS files that open up
nearly as fast over the network as they do on the local system. These files
are the native format for the CAD System that we utilize. The files are not
plain text, like the IGES files are.


Robert Adkins 

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> some file types
> I am having some unresponsive and very slow performance with 
> a couple of different file types with Samba and Windows 7 clients.
> The problems manifest in the following manners:
>     IGES files, these are CAD files. When opening up certain 
> IGES files from the server, the application can take upwards 
> of 10 minutes to open up the file. If I copy the same file 
> from the server to the desktop, the file will open up in a 
> few seconds. This is most noticable with files in sizes over 
> a few megabytes.
>     Quickbooks. Logging into the Quickbooks file can take 
> longer than normal, upwards of 30 seconds, instead of 5 or 
> fewer seconds. Once in, the application operates normally, 
> until a reconcile action is taken. What happens is that the 
> reconcile action goes through, but the application appears to 
> be processing the reconcile for an inordinate amount of time.
> This has been left sitting for upwards of 10 to 15 minutes 
> without returning control to the user. Killing the 
> application and then reopening and checking confirms that the 
> reconcile operation was succesful. The file size for the 
> Quickbooks file is over 200 megabytes in size.
>     I have a feeling that this is mostly an optimization 
> issue more than anything else.
>     Any suggestions or pointers towards rectifying this would 
> be most appreciated.
>     Thank you.
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> Regards,
> Robert
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