[Samba] Samba 4 under supervise terminates with "EOF on stdin"

Jan Mikkelsen janm-samba at transactionware.com
Mon Sep 17 03:04:06 MDT 2012


I am trying out Samba4 beta 8 on FreeBSD. For Samba 3, I run smbd and nmbd
with -D -F -S under the supervise utility from djb's daemontools. Stdout
and stderr go to a logging utility and stdin comes from /dev/null.

Running Samba 4 like this always terminates with "EOF on stdin".

I can see from the source code that this is a feature so that the death
of a parent process can be detected by generating EOF on a pipe.

In my case I'm using supervise to control smbd/nmbd lifetime and would
like to turn that off. Can an option to not check stdin when the foreground
option is used be added?


Jan Mikkelsen

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