[Samba] ID not work for Samba in ADS

xhan2008 xhan2008 at 163.com
Wed Sep 5 06:02:56 MDT 2012

The samba version is 3.5.6, and the configure command is 

"./configure --wth-ctdb = /home/ctdb-1.0.1141 --with-cluster-support --enable-pie=no 
  --with-shared-modules=idmap_tdb2, idmap-ad,idmap-adex,idmap-hash,idmap-ldap,
 idmap-rid --with-ldap --with-ads --with-winbind"

obviously I use samba in clustering, but the problem is 
 "When Samba server joined ad successfully, ID command says 'no such user' to me",but wbinfo -u and
getent passwd all say yes. "

I don't know what the problem is , I copy libnss_winbind.so from the package of samba-3.5.6, make some symbol links, type ldconfig, and also restart winbind . but all these didn't work, 
but after REBOOT the device of samba server ,and then restart winbind, it worked.

Please tell me where the mistake is, and how can i use ID without reboot.

 After I type 'net ads leave -U administrator -S hw-ad.HUAWEI.com', the samba server leave AD, and then I
 stop winbind, 'getent passwd' didn't show the ad users, but ID command also show the AD user. 
How can ID command stop show these users? 



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