[Samba] Internal DNS - TTL enforcement for dynamic updates

Dmitry Khromov icechrome at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 15:25:54 MDT 2012


Samba 4 rc 3.
I had noticed a strange behavior. If host creates a record, it won't be further updated until the record gets deleted manually. What could cause this?

Another question: how could the dynamically added record's TTL be enforced? For example, we have a user-based VLAN assignment in our networks. When Windows host boots, it authenticates with machine account and goes to the one of "parking" VLANs. Later, when user logs in, he gets a different VLAN and different IP address. So, we really want other DNS servers to not cache this records for too long.
Normally, this is done by modifying SOA record (and, as I recall, Samba's internal DNS respects TTLs in SOA). But samba-tool can't edit SOA records, MMC DNS snap-in fails to do it too.


Best regards,
Dmitry Khromov

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