[Samba] git pull error

felix at epepm.cupet.cu felix at epepm.cupet.cu
Tue Oct 30 13:25:58 MDT 2012

Hi everyone:

I've been getting this error today. What can I do to solve it? It's
happened before and I have deleted my copy of samba and started from
scratch again.
Is there any other way to solve it?

felix at laz:~/Descargas/samba-master$ git clean -fdx
felix at laz:~/Descargas/samba-master$ git pull
error: Unable to find f6b8919c44b379e83697a99c808c72e13d38b4b6 under
Cannot obtain needed commit f6b8919c44b379e83697a99c808c72e13d38b4b6
while processing commit d8fc4cd25e40164e23c0375b073cb42723892146.
error: Fetch failed.


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