[Samba] Forcing smbstatus to use hosts file or to avoid resolving hostnames at all

Gil Disatnik gil at disatnik.com
Mon Oct 29 00:45:03 MDT 2012


I am looking for a way to have numeric (IP) output for the host from smbstatus
or at least have it using /etc/hosts instead of whatever resolution mechanism it
I tried putting "host" (and "hosts", just in case as a few example used "hosts"
and not "host"...) in "name resolve order" directive in smb.conf to no avail.
I also tried disabling "hostname lookup" in smb.conf and smbstatus didn't care
much for that.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.



Gil Disatnik
UNIX/Linux sysadmin and programmer.

apt-get install slackware

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