[Samba] Domain DFS on samba 4

Ludovic Rouse-Lamarre ludovic.rouse-lamarre at xyzcivitas.com
Sun Oct 28 10:46:22 MDT 2012


Our company currently stores its data on centralized samba servers which 
causes performance problems for remote office employees. We are thinking 
of decentralizing the data with NAS in each office and synchronizing all 
the NAS on our central domain controller with MSDFS. I have heard this 
can be done in real time with Windows and Active Directory.


The physical location of the data becomes transparent to the end user. 
The DFS path formed with the domain name remains \\DOMAINNAME\share123 
which points the client to the storage device which is physically 
closest to him (the local NAS), thus eliminating the latency problems 
and simplifying the paths to our servers.

We are currently running a Samba domain and we tend toward open source 
solutions but this is something we need. From what I understand Samba 3 
cannot run domain DFS because it requires Active Directory. I would like 
to know if this will be possible with Samba 4?


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