[Samba] Old FBSD 4.x Samba 2.2 can't serve Apple OS X 10.8

Everett Batey efbatey at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 14:57:16 MDT 2012

At OS X 10.7 there was a sysctl allowing "PreXP-Samba" servers.  Apple
diodn't like it so now I can no longer edit content on the FBSD file
structure with Samba from the MAC.

Q1.  What is the eldest Samba playing nice with Apple OS X Mountain Lion 10.8?
Q2.  Any other ideas?  Like trying to use NFS.

Goal is using MacVim (visual vi, like emacs) to edit content on the
BSD web server.

NO I can't bring the BSD box forward.

 R/  Everett Batey / Skype: wa6cre-10 / efbatey at gmail.com

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