[Samba] Ceph samba size reporting troubles

alphe salas michels asalas at kepler.cl
Wed Oct 24 07:41:53 MDT 2012

Dear developement team,

I want to share a massive storage  casted with Ceph by samba with 
windows workstations.

All works well. My problem so is that in windows the ceph storage size 
statistics are wrong. Instead of seeing a 44TB hard drive I see a 176GB 
hard drive.

Under linux that issue doesn't show. The size are properly reported.

I investigated around and it seems that the problem belongs in the 
unability for windows
to treat blocksize over 65k and by default the block size is 4K.

Don't know how you can solve that issue but I really need to get that 
working right.

Thank in advance for your time and help.


*Alphé Salas*
Ingeniero T.I

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Santiago- Chile**
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