[Samba] smbtorture must have username and password? (can I run smbtorture WIHTOUT username and password). I don't like to use smbpasswd to set a username and password.

Jun Yi yi.jun.mail at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 17:05:27 MDT 2012

Dear everybody,

I just ran into this problem. The followings are the instructions I ran

1 sudo ./smbd -s ./smb.conf

file ./smb.conf is the configuration file as follows
cat ./smb.conf
   max protocol = SMB2
   min protocol = SMB2
   security = share
   guest account = nobody
   path = /tmp
   guest ok = yes
   read only = no

The system also has  a nobody account, checking it by "sudo cat /etc/passwd
| grep nobody", otherwise, you need to create one or map the guest to other
account name),

2  ./smbtorture -N //xxx/testShare smb2.read
or ./smbtorture  //xxx/testShare smb2.read

3. Then I got  the failure as follows:
Failed to connect to SMB2 share \\localhost\testShare -
I found the default workgroup name "workgroup" and my linux login name
"xxxx" are use for the NTLMSSP auth.

Could anybody give me some quick hint to tell me how to run smbtorture
without username and password?

Thanks for your help


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