[Samba] DNS Domain Name vs Samba4 Domain Name vs NT4 Domain Name

Alex Matthews qoole.samba at lillimoth.com
Sun Oct 21 03:33:00 MDT 2012


I am unclear on the relationship between the hostname, DNS domain,
server's FQDN, NT4 domain name, etc.

Quoting the HOWTO:

"For the rest of the HOWTO we will assume that your DNS domain name is
your short (also known as NT4) domain name is samdom,
your Samba server's hostname is samba
and the IP Address of your Samba server is"

What is the standard when it comes to these?

Using the example from the howto:

Samba server's name is:    samba
Samba server's FQDN is:    samba.samdom.example.com
"DNS Domain" is:           samdom.example.com
Samba4 domain is:          samdom.example.com
NT4 Domain is:             samdom

Therefore, for my setup:

My samba server's name is: tainan
My samba server's FQDN is: tainan.internal.stmaryscollege.co.uk
My "DNS domain" is:        internal.stmaryscollege.co.uk
Samba4 Domain is:          ??? internal.stmaryscollege.co.uk ???
My NT4 Domain is:          ??? internal ???

I currently have a s3 domain set up called "SMC" (I am _NOT_ going to
attempt migrate it to a samba4 domain).

Does my NT4 domain have to be the first part of my Samba4 domain? Can I
make the NT4 domain name "SMC" also?



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