[Samba] Added samba users do not appear, but maybe appear as groups.

John B. Adams john at adams.me.uk
Thu Oct 18 08:40:09 MDT 2012


I am a long term samba user and this is my first real problem.

Installation on Centos 5.8 originally Samba 3.033

It was on a server that had been crashing so about 8mths ago we put in a new motherboard and the system seemed to be running OK, but we have not been adding users or machines.

More recently the users wanted a new windows 7 machine and it would not let us add the machine (The machine account does not exist)

We realized that we needed a later version of Samba and updated to Samba 3.5.17 (now 3.5.18)

The problem would not go away.

It seems that when we attempt to add a user account or a machine account, to the smbpasswd file, it adds it to the file but not 
to the user list when we do a wbinfo --domain-users

This means though we can add users to linux we can not add Samba users or machine accounts.

I use webmin, this shows the users have not been added but if I look in the samba groups they are listed.

They are not listed if I do a wbinfo --domain-groups

Can anyone shed a light of a fix for this as it is looking like a complete server replacement, that is install on another machine and migrate.


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