[Samba] Verifying Samba enviroment

Marcio Oli marcio.oli.df at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 11:38:56 MDT 2012

People I'm new in Samba and I'm trying to learn with manuals, sites etc..

So, I'd like to know how can I test my enviroment. In other words, I'd like
to know if my DCs are working correctly.

I'm working in a new company and now I'm the sponsor about domain.
The structure is two sites (matrix office and branch office).
At the matrix we have one PDC and one BDC. At the branch we have 2 BDCs.

What are the ways that can I verify if is everything working ok? Are there
any commands important to test this enviroment? How to know about machines
and users that are using the samba DCs?

Note: the enviroment is already in production.

Marcio Oliveira.

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