[Samba] Getting user list for each group

Oguz Yilmaz oguzyilmazlist at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 02:14:36 MDT 2012

I use Winbind auth for squid-dansguardian ntlm authentication purpose.
I need matching users/group for filtering in squid/dansguardian.
getent group is used for finding users for groups except for group Domain Users.
getent passwd is used for finding all users and specifically users for
group Domain Users (over group ID).

This requires enumeration option(winbind enum users, winbind enum
groups) enabled in smb.conf. For thousands of users this may block
many system functions puts wait even for tcpdump and ssh logins. So, I
want to disable enum options end stop using getent.

Are there any way to get user list for each group with wbinfo or any
other other tools?

What may be the best practice for the aim in paragraph 1?

Thank you and Best Regards,


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