[Samba] Internal DNS stops forwarding

felix at epepm.cupet.cu felix at epepm.cupet.cu
Thu Oct 11 05:52:57 MDT 2012

> Hi Felix,
>> I think it is. Because all the connections I see when the error occurs
are related to the forwarder I declared in smb.conf. The number of
connections keeps growing again until the error appears. So I have to
restart samba. And, yes, lsof, shows that all
>> connections but 2 are related to the forwarder.
> An interesting question of course is why your forwarder never answers
the requests from the internal DNS server. Is it set up correctly? I
agree we really need to fix the timeout, but even then your DNS setup
would be broken if the forwarder never answers to queries.
Hi Kai:
yes, the forwarder does answer the requests but the connections keep open.
The internal dns servers stops forwarding when the number of connections
is above 1000. Could you, please, help me?


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