[Samba] List windows clients/machines in network list (win 7)

Marcio Oli marcio.oli.df at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 15:19:29 MDT 2012


     some of the machines of my network aren't been listed in (Windows
Explorer - Network icon).
     I made a research and I found the following:
- try to activate some services:
    SSDP Discovery;
    UPnP Device Host;
    Function Discovery Resource Publication.

Note: this situation happens with machines that were joined to the domain
and with others that weren't added to domain yet.
I would like to see every windows clients listed in Network icon. I
activated these services, but it keeps not working.

I think my samba DCs are OK, less the following log message, that I'm not
sure if it's normal:

1. [2012/10/10 14:40:52.257211,  0]
2.  dump_workgroups()
3.   dump workgroup on subnet netmask=
4.        WORKGROUP(2) current master browser = UNKNOWN
5.        NetworkDomain (1) current master browser = PDC 1
6.                PDC1 40849b3b (PDC 1 )
7.                BDC1 40809b3b (BDC 1 )

8.  [2012/10/10 14:40:52.257344,  0]
9.    dump_workgroups()
10.   dump workgroup on subnet  UNICAST_SUBNET: netmask=
11.        NetworkDomain (1) current master browser = UNKNOWN
12.                PDC-SEDE1 40819b3b (PDC 1 )

Maybe there is a problem between lines 5 and 11 at above lines. But I don't
understand the syntax of this log.
Is my network without a current master browser?
Anybody could help me with these 2 troubles?

Marcio Oliveira.

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