[Samba] How can I show only the shares that user have access to in SAMBA

simon ben guy20034u at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 14:02:56 MDT 2012

Dear All,

I have implemented samba to right now in test environment to be implemented in production as  samba file server

so far its working grt 

but I have one issue

i have right now one share and want only the users who have access to the share to see it
and the others should not

when I log into the user who has no access I see the share and when i double click it ask me for username and password

googling arround this issuse is solved by using the below in smb.conf file
 hide dot files = yes
        hide unreadable = yes
in the share definition section.

but its still visible

security is set as user

here the part of my smb.conf
    writeable = yes
    path = /opt/network/testplan
    write list = @localgrp
    revalidate = yes
        hide unreadable = yes
    hide dot files = yes
    comment = masterplan testing directory
    valid users = @localgrp

is there anything i need to set in smb.conf
appreciate your help and advice



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