[Samba] Samba ports

Marcio Oli marcio.oli.df at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 16:06:43 MDT 2012

Anybody could help me with this entries in my machines logs:

[2012/10/09 14:59:33.092831,  0] lib/util_sock.c:474(read_fd_with_timeout)
[2012/10/09 14:59:33.093013,  0]
  getpeername failed. Error was Ponto final de transporte não está
conectado                  (some logs in portuguese, so the translation is
so so: Error was transport endpoint is not connected)
  read_fd_with_timeout: client read error = Conexão fechada pela
outra ponta.        ( ...: connection closed by other peer)

Why this appears frequently?

I had already heard that this is a problem with a connection about the
windows clients. Is this true?
In my smb.conf:
     smb ports = 139 445

Marcio Oliveira.
"Tudo concorre para o bem daqueles que amam à Deus." (Rom 8,28)

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