[Samba] Libreoffice and roaming profile log-off delay

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Fri Oct 5 05:01:25 MDT 2012

samba --version
Version 4.0.0rc3-GIT-56ffe75
AD and s3fs on the same box.

libreoffice 3.6.1

If a user has used libreoffice, his log-off time is around 3 minutes on 
both XP and w7.

samba shows 50% and smbd shows 20% CPU usage during the delay.

I can get the delay down to around 2 minutes by removing all of the 
optional libreoffice modules (such as the wiki publisher). The delay is 
less for subsequent log-off's but still a pita.

Questions: When the user logs off, is the profile synced to the file 
server or is the whole lot copied again?

Any ideas to work around this?

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