[Samba] WINs service of Samba

Александр Яровой yai73w at rambler.ru
Mon Nov 26 04:49:41 MST 2012

I use Samba 3.14.17 and later test Samba 3.6.9.
The computer is WINs server on Samba.

wins support = yes

All work good.

But now I see that NetBIOS clients cannot to re-register their names on WINs, when he change IP.
>From WinXP SP3 I do
nbtstat -RR
Answer: NetBIOS-names registered by this computer were changed.

>From server:
relay2# nmblookup -U -R -S aiy
querying aiy on aiy<00>                              This is old IP
Looking up status of
No reply from

Only help if I stop samba, delete record from wins.dat, start samba and repeat from client nbtstat -RR.

I am not undestand why WINs on Samba not re-register names if client change IP.
That it is possible to make that function of a re-registration of the names NetBIOS worked?
Excuse me for bad English.

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