[Samba] CTDB / Samba / GFS2 - Performance - with Picture Link

Vogel, Sven Sven.Vogel at kupper-computer.com
Thu Nov 29 14:16:34 MST 2012

Hi Volker,

you wrote that ist not so good to set locking = no, why ist hat so?

i thought 

ctdb (locking)--> dlm_controld (locking) or gfs_controld (locking)

so when i disable locking in samba i dont know how will this presented to the cluster file system? I thought the cluster file system will use the locks like this below.

Ctdb(locking=no) --> gfs2 (locking)


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On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 11:11:16AM +0000, Vogel, Sven wrote:
> Hi Volker,
> so i looked fort he brlock.tdb file and its local on each node. I 
> added "posix locking = no" and "locking = no". I think it will run now 
> better. I again a strace file to the server. What do you think?

I would not run with locking=no. It will certainly be faster, but it might cause data corruption.

> http://dev.kupper-computer.com/intern/smbd_no_locking.txt
> I also added
> fileid:algorithm = fsname
> vfs objects = fileid
> for gfs2 whats better fsid or fileid? 

Dunno, I never used GFS2, sorry. RedHat ships a cluster product with GFS2 and Samba, maybe they have a recommendation.


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