[Samba] Trouble with file shares on Samba 4

Michael B. Trausch mbt at naunetcorp.com
Mon Nov 26 09:07:48 MST 2012

Hello all,

I have a Samba 4 system setup with 4.0.0-rc5 working as an Active 
Directory controller for a set of seven Win7 computers, and most things 
are working.  However, file shares are not.

In all cases, if I add users to Domain Admins, they can access the 
shares.  In all cases, if users are not in Domain Admins, they cannot 
access the shares.

I've added users to groups that (according to Windows) are allowed to 
read and write the shares.  However, the users themselves get zero 
permissions unless they're in Domain Admins.

I've even tried adding users *directly* to the ACLs for the shares, 
thinking that surely if they appear in the list directly, they will be 
able to access the shares.  This is not, however, the case.

Any assistance or advice on what to look for would be awesome.


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