[Samba] Samba4 logon server against windows server 2003

Innocent Yevide inyevfr at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 22 11:43:57 MST 2012

Thanks Gémes,

the point here is that whenever the clients login, I see that they have only the windows server as logon server and not the samba4 server:

I always have this:

My Expectation is to have:

but when I switch off the Win Server, I could log into the samba4 server.

I even tried Adjusting the Weight and Priority for DNS SRV Records in the Registry on the Windows server so that the samba4 will be prioritized... but it doesn't help.

Best Regards,


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Objet : Re: [Samba] Samba4 logon server against windows server 2003
2012-11-21 23:47 keltezéssel, Innocent Yevide írta:
> Hello,
> does any one knows how I can force samba4 to be the logon server against windows server 2003?
> I have below in my smb.conf but it doesn't help:
>    domain logons = Yes
>    domain master = Yes
>    preferred master = Yes
>    os level = 255
> Best Regards,
> Innocent.
IMHO you can't. Active Directory was designed to provide a round robin 
type failover, and thus each AD controller (in a site) is equally 
probably chosen by clients.


Geza Gemes
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