[Samba] S3 - Valid users option and AD/Ldap primary group

Olivier BILHAUT o.bilhaut at fondation-misericorde.fr
Thu Nov 22 01:30:25 MST 2012

Dear samba list,

We did more tests on this topic and I'd like to give more precisions. 
Here's a small tab illustrating our tests

Samba version    -    AD Version    -    Usage of primary group with the 
valid users's option of a share
3.5.6 (debian stable)    -    Windows 2003    -     Works
3.5.6 (debian stable)    -    Samba 4 rc 5    -        Permission denied
3.6.3 (and higher - ubuntu LTS & debian backports tested)    -     
Windows 2003    -    Works
3.6.3 (and higher - ubuntu LTS & debian backports tested)    -     Samba 
4 rc 5    -    Works

If somebody knows the source of this issue, we'll be pleased to have 
more information.

If not, we'll use the workaround of the empty "valid users" option.


***	OB
***	Service Informatique

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