[Samba] Groups with overlapping user permissions

Zdravkovic, Branko branko.zdravkovic at usask.ca
Wed Nov 21 14:13:26 MST 2012

This is a general question about setting up the shared folders on redhat linux server to be accessible from windows computers through samba. Windows users will have accounts on linux server but they will be accessing the shared folders solely from the windows side. Kerberos protocol is used to authenticates the user's on linux and windows machines. Please let me know if the following configuration is possible and how to implement it:
Groups: G1 (users C,D), G2 (users A,C,D), G3 (users B,E)
Folders: F1,F2,F3
Permissions: G1 - F1,F2,F3; G2 - F1,F2; G3 - F1

The configuration rules imply that users C,D can access all shared folders (F1,F2,F3) and B,E can only access F1. Similarly, user A can access F1 and F2 but not F3. My concern is that giving permissions in this manner would create problems.
Thanks for the help, Branko

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